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Abby, Lily, Joley….

A few years ago, I heard we were getting a new neighbor.  The story was she was moving back to the area from another state, and that she had two daughters.  At the time, my youngest was still in preschool, and between her and my son, I couldn’t imagine either one playing with older girls.  Then, when I first met my neighbor, almost immediately she said “I think we are going to be great friends”.  Well – she must have been psychic!  And the kids – they can’t get enough of each other.  They have the greatest relationship – the 4 of us love them like family.  Truly.  So to see this session this year….well, it’s almost bittersweet because I can really see the women these two girls are becoming – beautiful, kind, lovely, with a splash of humor.  I’m just so glad they moved in next door;)